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pet contract

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pet contract



Wildwood Ranch Cat Rescue of Central Florida



The following information is requested so that your adoption counselor can assist you in the selection of a lifetime companion.  The animal’s welfare is our foremost consideration.


The cats available for adoption came here from a variety of sources.   We cannot guarantee a cat’s temperament. Their health is routinely monitored while at our ranch, but there is always a chance that an animal is incubating a disease without showing any clinical signs. (Please initial) _________


Be prepared that a yearly vet exam can cost up to $60 a year for cats. Kittens need vaccines and worming that can cost up to $50 a month for the first four months in your care!  Please initial) ________


 We consider the adoption of any pet to be a life-long commitment of time, affection, money, patience, and responsibility. 


  • Have you given enough thought to this adoption? 


  • Have you adopted from us before?  When?      


  • Why do you want a pet?     


  • Is this your first pet?


  • Who will care for this pet? _____________________________




         Be at least 18 years of age

         Have a picture ID showing your present address

         Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord

         Understand that we have the right to verify any information on this application, including a property check

         Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household



Name_____________________________________________  County in which you live ___________________


Street Aress____________________________________________________________________________


City/Town __________________________________________ State ___________  Zip code___________


Telephone_________________________________________  Township or Boro __________________


Driver’s license_____________________________________  Are you 55 or older?_________


Employer____________                                 _   Telephone_____________________________



Do you live in a:  ___ House   ___ Apartment   _____Trailer   ___ Townhouse  


Do you _____ Own  home   _____ Rent   or    _______ Live with parents  


___ I am in the process of moving.


Landlord’s name and phone number ________



 Household Information


  Spouse/Partner/Roommate’s name______________________________________


Please list the ages of all children living with you.______________________________________________


What pets do you currently have in your household?





Kept where



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Cat     Dog

Yes     No

In     Out



Does your dog(s) get along with cats? Yes               No                          Don’t know


Does your cat(s) get along with other cats? Yes               No                   Don’t know


How would you describe your household?             Active                       Noisy                       Quiet                        Average


Where will this cat be kept during the day?___________________________  night?_________________


How many hours will it spend alone without human companionship?_____________________________


Where will it be kept when alone?_________________________________________________________


If you rent, have you thought about the possibility that if you move, another landlord may not allow pets?   


What do you plan to do with the animal if this happens?______________________________________


Do you want the cat for a:  (circle all that apply)


House pet       Mouser       Breeder         Companion         Gift          Other_________________________



Will this cat be allowed outdoors?           Yes               No


If yes, under what conditions?____________________________________________________________


Have you ever had a pet that: _____was hit by a car    _____ran away   _____was stolen   _____ died in your care


Who is your veterinarian?________________________________________



I certify that I have read this questionnaire and that the information I have given is true and accurate, and I understand that any falsification may result in the nullification of this adoption.



_________________________________________________________                      _____________________

                                             Signature                                                                                               Date  




Pease remember:  We receive NO county, state or federal funding.  We operate SOLELY on donations

 ____________________  When you are ready  to adopt you will be required to fill in a Adoption Agreement.