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Adoptable Cats and Kittens


Mittens. Raised here at the center since three months old. Surrendered by a client of a local vet. Mittens has taken a low profile here for the past four years. I believe in an environment where she is made to feel special and given all the love she deserves she will blossom. She takes a back seat to other cats by sheer shyness although I don't believe she is. Her shyness I believe Is a survival mechanism as a result of competition from other cats. This kitty I know will blossom into a beautiful rose if she continues to get love on a more one to one basis.


Fanny   A big girl with an average Appetite.  Just a calm all around girl. About four years young. Gets along with other cats.

Tang  A quiet girl the is filled with sensitivity. Can white tears away from unhappy faces.  On call for your most emotional needs day or night.  Not a lap cat until needed.  Female altered about four years young