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So often I get people who ask about indoor vs outdoor cats.


I have made a 180 degree turn in my philosophy about this that would read like an essay.  I would rather sum up my feelings in a poem I have written on the topic.  Here goes.  You can read this poem and many others in my book "Calico Cats" 


Cloudy Through Window Frames

Through the cloudy window the cat stares

Banished to live under basement stairs.

 A gray silhouette of wanting eyes

Longing to know what lurks outside.

 The black and white outside cat looks in

To a place he’s never been.

 He wonders what it would be like inside

Instead of constantly defending his pride.

 “Come out and play my little friend,

And I’ll show you how branches on trees bend.”

 “We’ll dig in the dirt and burry the fleas -

There’s so much out here for you to see.”

 The inside cat with a silent sigh,

“Come and play with me,” Is her reply.

 We will climb the curtains and on the couch we’ll lounge

We’ll hide from all those mysterious vacuum sounds.

“Run from the sound of the tin can fleet

 Run from it and slide from room to room on our back feet.

 Then the human sneaks around the corner and peers

“No!  She says to the inside cat “You’re not going out there.”

 “There are cars and vicious dogs and other cats

You’re staying inside, and that’s that.”

 To the outside cat, she says, “Outside you stay

Until you learn not to spray.”

 She watches the outside cat roll in the dust -

To cover his scents is a must.

 He needs no catnip, toys, or perches -

The bugs, trees, and bushes Is where he lurches.

 The inside cat gets to sit

Upon her knee while his master knits.

 She gives into his every plea for a morsel -

Its no wonder he’s getting fat around the torso.

 The outside cat is never pampered -

He’s learned to run up a tree to scamper.

 Though the cloudy window the outdoor cat looks in -

Glaring inside with a Cheshire grin.


If you like this poem and want to read more about my experiences with cats find my copy of Calico Cats by Joan Pruha.