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1. They boost your self-esteem. Unlike any other cat, orange males seem to thrive on the very existence of their family. They also have a tendency to gaze at their humans lovingly.

2. Most cats hate the thought of too much human-time and plan their day accordingly. This is not the case for the orange male, for at times, they seem more like a dog than cat. They love to sit on your lap and are content as long as you are sitting near them and petting their fur.

3. Goofiness is a trait that orange cats are well-known for. It seems like they enjoy hearing their humans laugh. Whether its running around crazily or just acting like a clutz, they love to make sure you are happy.

4. Typical cats could care less when you walk in the door-if anything, it makes them unhappy to know that their independence is now thwarted for the rest of the day. Unlike this typical "I don't care about you" personality, orange cats are enthusiastic to see you at the end of the day. Most likely, they will sprint to the door to greet you.

5. Like most cats, orange cats are litter trained in a blink of an eye (unlike puppies and other pets!).

6. Did I mention that they love to sit on your lap and get attention from you?

7. Because of their extreme friendliness, they will easily fit into the routine of your home-no matter the other pets.

8. And, I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but they love to sit on your lap and get all kinds of attention...

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