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Sometimes called the “bunny cat” because of its ticked coloring (each strand of hair has several colorings on each strand) is a large, oriental shaped cat with a melodious voice who likes freedom, bonds with its owners, sometimes can be shy and wearing of strangers and make great pets.  Not to mention the fact that you get to live with thousand year old breed of cat that may at one time been related to the sacred cats of Egypt. And whose beginning ancestry dated back to the saber tooth tiger. Now how awesome is that.


History of Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian has become one of the most popular breeds of shorthair cat in the US. There are many stories about the origins of the Abyssinian breed of domesticated cat often revolving in Africa around Ethiopia, but the actual origins are uncertain.

 Genetic research suggests the Abyssinian breed originated near the coast of the Indian Ocean, where colonists may have purchased animals from wild animal traders.


Many sources say the story that the Abyssinian domestic breed developed is a few thousand years old because of economic necessity and come from Ancient Egypt. Similarities between in Pictures of cats in Ancient Egypt art strengthen the theory of this connection.  This theory is also supported by the historical ties between Egypt and Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia), which are linked by the Nile and were substantial trading partners and for long periods political allies in ancient times. There are also stories that wild 'Abyssinians' live in parts of North Africa today.


They Egyptians took the evolution of these magnificent cats one notch higher when they bought the cats into the home and socialized them.




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