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Calico Cats is a collection of cat poetry in free verse and rhyme. It is a compilation of my experiences raising, rescuing, and researching cats and kittens over the past ten years. The poems are a collection that could appeal to all ages and types of people because their themes are of love, loneliness, abandonment, fear, compassion and humor



Calico cat, calico cat, full of colorful patches

Mostly white with red and black splotches.

Your ears erect and listening

Then you stretch out contentedly days work done.


Calico cat, calico cat, not quite asleep

Amazing how, until a bird begins to cheep.

A slow motion stretch noticed by none

Then you slink quietly with quivering song.


Calico cat, calico cat breaks out in a run then

Gives up quickly and returns to the sun.

In the garden in her sleep she watches

And ponders a conquest not quite done.


Calico cat, calico cat, twitchier of tail

One may think of you as frail.

Though once in action you surprise even skeptics

A keeper of the new day sun.

@2008 JE

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