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We are mostly in need of cash. All donations are tax deductible under section 501. (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 46-2859665). Receipts are available upon requests.

Donate money

Donate online via PayPal

Regular payment donations

If you wish to make a donation on a regular basis and do not wish to use PayPal, your bank can set up automatic payments for you.

Christmas Tree a Fundraiser payment options

Donate supplies

We are always in need of supplies. One option is to conveniently choose from our Amazon wish list Super shipping savings are available. Or you can shop personally from our wish list and deliver to our convenient pick up stations or have someone pick up the supplies from you.

Amazon Wish List

We are currently in need of the following:  

Small ceramic feeding dishes
Dry food ( Purina Cat Chow)
Canned cat food - Miss Kitty brand from Wallmart
Canned cat food - Friskies Tractor Supply has least expensive
Cleaning supplies - paper towels, bleach, vineger, baby whipes, (Family       Dollar store or Save - a - Lot
Fold up cages
Scoop litter
Pine bedding - used for litter  found at Tractor Supply in Leesburg
Litter scoops
Money donations to help with:
   medical supplies, such as advantage flea control, deworming products,     andtibiotics, gas to take animals to vet and to have altered, pay for   advertising, electricity bill to run heaters and air conditioners and vet bills
1/4 inch styrofoam to line winter shelters
Large plastic storage containers for winter shelters
large styrofoam boxes (like boxes electronic equipment come in) to use for winter shelters or lg. coolers to fit inside of large plastic storage bins
Any lumber appropriate for building an outdoor shelter i.e 2X4, 4X8
Advantage for dogs over fifty pounds for flea protection

 Please email us and we will gladly pick up supplies

Sponsor a cat or kitten

Sponser a cat or kitten. It cost 1$ a day to feed a cat. All our cats are given their first shots and have to their access medical attention. The are dewormed and have a clean bill of health before they can be put on the adoption list. Our adoption fees do not cover the costs is rescuing our cats and we need help to get them ready for forever homes. Cats who are deemed unadoptable are not put to sleep but taken care of for the rest of their lives. Mos of the time these cats need special medication and or supplies to keep them comfortable and happy which accrues additional expenses.

Calley - in countenance and bladder problems. She will not be adoptable and will need special care she will only receive in a speciathat can provide for her needs without undo stress to her and her caretaker. Her owner kicked her out to live under the house and when we got her she was on her way to animal control to be put down as a feral cat. We intervened to find out she was scared and had medical problems and far from being feral or wild. Calley needed a second chance not to be punished and scorned for her medical problems.


Donate time

 We need man power to help build  our winter cozy retreats (see our building projects on this site).