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If you previously adopted this cat from Cat Resource Center, Inc., you may return the cat at no charge. Arrange the time and place for the return. You do not need to complete this form.

You must contact Joan by phone at (352 748-5260 to obtain approval before submitting a surrender form.

You must submit this form  for each cat you wish to surrender. You will receive instructions afterwards for printing the paperwork to bring with the cat when you deliver him/her.

Please note:
  • We require evidence from a veterinarian that your cat has been tested for FeLV and FIV so that we can provide proper care. This test must be repeated if your cat has either been outside or exposed to other cats who are FeLV+ or FIV+ since this test was done.
  • We require every surrendered cat to be microchipped. A $10 fee will be added to the deposit if the cat needs to be microchipped on arrival.
  • The transition into the sanctuary is especially stressful for older, extremely timid and/or obese cats, to the extent that they may suffer significant health issues. We cannot guarantee their continued well-being. Therefore, the sanctuary should be the very last resort for these particular cats. We will gladly work with you to find an alternative which may be better for the cat.

For individuals the total charge to surrender a cat is $5000. As a courtesy and only if you live in Florida I we will accept monthly payments toward this total, provided that you have first paid a non-refundable deposit of $500 (for cats under 8 years old) and $1000 for senior cats (8 years and older). The minimum monthly payment for non-senior cats is $60 per month until the entire balance is paid (up to 83 months) and $75 per month for senior cats (up to 67 months). If the cat is unvaccinated or unaltered, there is an $80 fee in addition to the deposit.

Note: The full surrender fee is due and payable to Cat Resource Center Inc. even if the cat dies before full payment has been made. If the cat is adopted before all payments have been made, Cat Resource Center Inc. will consider the remaining debt to be paid in full and no further payments will be required.

Payment in full discount: If you pay the entire surrender fee at the time the cat is surrendered, the surrender fee will be discounted 10%. e.g. For a non-senior cat the discounted fee would then be $4500.

The surrender fee is NOT tax-deductible because we are providing the service of lifetime care for the surrendered cat in exchange for the fee.


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