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Stories I have written about felines that have past my way

This is a true story about two kittens that were found in a puddle in a tire shop in Florida during a hurricane.  They were given to me for care before rehoming to a family.  Anyone thinking that raising two kittens is an easy task needs to read this true story. Maybe one might reconsider and get a little older cat if they are too busy to take a year out of their life to raise a small kitten.


Resident cat and greeter of all new foster kitties and a dog that seemed troubled and those who seemed lost and lonely and welcomes them into our foster home.  A stray, he has remained an outdoor cat due to his spraying inside.  Feline FIV positive and is living a healthy life.  A FIV positive cat can be a real plus in the family.  Please email me about raising a FIV positive cat if interested.

My Friend Socks


Story of my experience with the greatest African explorers ever

To read more about Osa and Martin Johnson press here.

Martin and Osa Johnson